Release the Kraken!!! 3 win - 2 lose in Regionals

dante77 1138

This deck win tree times. Beat 2 HB: EtF and Jinteki: PE. Lose with NEH two times to 5 and 6 points.

28 Jun 2015 SlayerCNV

How u steal agendas?

28 Jun 2015 dante77

I remove or bypass ice faster then corp install another. Read the description of derived deck.

25 Aug 2015 us0rman

what is your experience with kraken ?

25 Aug 2015 dante77

Kraken it's a great card in this deck. But you must remember to not run on last click, when you got Kraken in hand.

27 Aug 2015 Ver

I love the concept. Gotta try this.