2014 Portland: Guardian Games, Store Championship 1ST PLACE

BazooKaJoe 706

Pretty standard NBN Rush deck. Normally I like TMI, but they did nothing for me all day...so I would probably switch those. TMI is GREAT if you can get it in an opening hand, but kind of rough to pull off mid-late. RSVP would be good in this too, but then you get to a severe lack of actual run-stopping ICE.

Bernice is a good way to tax/slow down the runner & a good goal of this deck is to keep the runner poor/busy with other things as you get the Astro Train (Transformers anyone?!) moving. Sometimes, that even means letting them trash Jacksons too...so don't feel you always need to sac them. (depending on game state, obviously)

TGTBT is a great agenda to just throw out naked & sacrifice it if you can.

Went undefeated with this deck all day but a couple games could have definitely gone either way.

Runners faced at the tourney: Andromeda, Andromeda, Kit, Kate

Shout-Out to Riley for helping me tinker with stuff & Andrew/Ian/Rockwell for being much better NBN builders than myself.