HaarpsiChaos Studios

Braywen 14

This is a fast advance deck with a sting in its tail.

Lots of cheap agendas in doubles or more as can only steal one at a time and old Hollywood stops them unless they have one already. Lots of ways to advance from ice and assets being accessed by the runner.

The midseason replacement and then Psychographics an agenda topped off with traffic accident or scorched earth if your feeling a little mischievous.

Score a breaking news and big brother to make those pesky tags stay for more fun next turn.

11 Aug 2015 Vimes

Do you tend to put Old Hollywood on R&D? I've been trying to use it as a focal point for a while now, but maybe it is just better off as tech like this, I like it. Swapping for a second Sansan might be more consistent, though.

You have good tag giving ice to let you deal with resources, but maybe Snatch and Grab could be used on more cautious decks that will be trying to Film Critic through your midseasons, Hollywood, Identity, and Casting calls. Perhaps for Big Brother.