Randy: The She-Hunk

ctz 2215

Sup hunks, figured I'd come back at ya dinguses with my runner dreck that's preatty cool and been kicking some serious butt.

Cool guys and girls only, let's check it out: Tents, Havarti, Sit There Cards, Problems

Tents: Blue cards are blue. I am loving emergency shutdown much more than account siphon these days, so I took the big blue out. Hostage for kati or film critic. Hope over the R&D fence with inside job to get an easy 2/3 card access.

Havarti: All you fancy hunks that know math and numbers tell me that 3 desperados is mandatory. Well guess what hunks, haven't needed it, who cares. Plascrete for yellow & green cards.

Sit There Cards: Casts and hotels are cheap when you have a job! Film critic for those dang Agenders that are annoying. If you want to make your opponent say "HOLY CANOLI", play hades shard after they jackson to get rid of their 3 agenders. If you want to make you opponent say "WHATS THAT DO", lay down some sacraficial constructs. Best case, you save yourself from batty / ichi. Worst case, you have a bunch of more faeries. TWO to be exact

Problems: Fairly standard stuff here. You don't need mimic, you'll have plenty of datasuckers for the lady in blue.

Final Comments: This dreck has done well in an ANRPC tourney, game nights, and on OCTGNLMNOP. Couple of hot shot picks with hades shard and sac construct. Sac has really earned the spot, Hades is pretty okay. Andy will always be a classic ANR deck, maybe give this throwback a shot!