The Kitty Cat Deck

alientoyshop 863

Mrow? Mrow! Purrr purrrr purrrrr.

Quantum Predictive Model, aka Kitty Cat, is a really fun card. It's maybe my new favorite form of tag punishment.

The idea with this deck is that you're trying to grab points any way you can and make life really annoying for the runner. You have four 2/1 agendas you can score as soon as you draw. Public Support can be installed behind a single piece of ice and likely scored. An early Casting Call on a 2-pointer will likely allow you to score it, because shaking those two tags is 6 creds and 2 clicks. And of course, the Kitty Cats will be happy to jump into your score area if the runner is tagged.

The ice is a tad light, but you don't need much on any one server. Gutenberg and Data Raven are the champs here, forcing the runner to take tags and spend time scrubbing. Resistors are cheap but reliable, and also another form of tag punishment. With all the 1-pointers you'll have on hand, Archer will be a fun and nasty surprise.

News Team is another MVP for the deck as it almost always gets taken as a negative point, buying you more time.

There's one Biotic Labor just to close out games, or score an early Astro.

So there you have it, score early, score often, and believe in your Kitty Cats!

5 Sep 2015 randomuser

Thanks for posting - highly frustrating to play against on OCTGN, but a really cool deck. Will be testing it out.

5 Sep 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Realized that Casting Call on Beale forces a run - lest the Corp score a 5 for 3!

6 Sep 2015 yokhen

`@Lynx Kuroneko why would you play casting call on beale?

6 Sep 2015 alientoyshop

@yokhen You force the runner to either steal the agenda for 2 points, and take the 2 tags, or let the corp have 3 points.

8 Sep 2015 randomuser

So I've tested this over the last few days, and although the deck is a blast to play I've lost more than I've won. When the runner sees Public Support and/or Biotic they realize that there's not enough influence for a full set of scorch and traffic accident. Once that happens the smart runners go tag-me and keep hitting R&D until they win. All Seeing I is very situational and not enough of a threat to deter this.

That said, I still think this list is the basis for a strong deck. Runners will clear tags early in the game and paying 3 credits for this is a surprisingly big tempo hit. The corp has time to rush out agendas while the runner clears tags. Gutenberg in front of QPM is awesome, as promised - the runner spends 2 clicks and 3 credits to score an agenda for the corps! Melange behind a tagging ice lasts longer than I expected and money is usually not a problem. Casting Call on an early agenda will often let it score, but late game it's a lot less useful.

I'm now testing a kill version with Scorch, Traffic Accident and 24/7 News Cycle instead of Public Support, Casting Call, Biotic and Archer. Use 24/7 to fire a scored Breaking News to give the runner 2 tags regardless of link or economy, then Scorch or TA as needed (bonus - the tags don't go away at the end of the turn so a poor runner may stay tagged for a while even if you can't kill them right away). It looks promising but still needs to be optimized and cut to 44 cards.