Hollywood Feature - A 7 Point Out of Hand Combo

podoboyz99 2331

This is my Power Shutdown - Accelerated Diagnostics combo deck that scores 7 points out of hand. Here are the steps:

Start with a Jackson Howard (or Tech Startup to fetch him) on the board (with no Jacksons removed from the game), Power Shutdown and Accelerated Diagnostics in hand, and at least 21 credits.

Click 1: Play Power Shutdown for your entire deck. Jackson back Interns, Reclamation Order, and Biotic Labor.

Click 2: Play Accelerated Diagnostics, using Interns to install Jackson, Reclamation Ordering Accelerated Diagnostics, and Biotic for 2 clicks. Jackson back Interns, Interns, and Biotic Labor.

Click 3: Play Accelerated Diagnostics, using Interns to install Jackson, using Interns to install Hollywood Renovation, and Biotic for 2 clicks. Jackson back Interns, Biotic Labor, and Subliminal Messaging.

Click 4: Play Accelerated Diagnostics, using Interns to install Vanity Project, playing Subliminal for a credit and a click, and Biotic for 2 clicks.

At this point you will have a Hollywood Renovation and Vanity Project on the board, with 6 credits and 6 clicks.

Click 5-10: Advance Hollywood Renovation 5 times, each time placing an advancement token on Vanity Project. Score Hollywood Renovation.

Click 11: For your final click, advance Vanity Project and score it. Ta-da! 7 points.

There are very few flex slots in this deck, so I did my best. Cyberdex Virus Suite is there to get rid of Clot, but thats usually not an issue, as very few people actually put Clot in their deck anyways these days. Paywall Implementation is fantastic in this deck, being a transaction and having a low agenda density both really help this card. Capital Investors is there to get money when you don't have it, but that is very rare in BABW. Hive is superb in this specific deck, as you are not scoring any agendas until the last turn, so it retains all its subroutines. Errand Boy can get you cards or money, whichever you need at the moment.

This final version of the deck is average, but fun, having a win rate of just over .500. 21 creds may seem like a lot of money, but if there is one thing Weyland Consortium: Building A Better World is good at, it is getting a bunch of money. A couple things you could do to make the combo smoother include power drawing with Jackson, as well as icing archives, as you pitch agendas in there. A lot of times, the runner just assumes you are on the Scorched Earth plan, so they will back off and not run. Please tell me about your experiences with this crazy deck in the comments as well as any recommendations!

7 Sep 2015 hhooo

Maybe -1 Interns helps you free a slot? you dont need 3 for anything, although getting one in hq on your combo turn can be bad. Maybe caduceus over errand? It looks like a ton of fun.

7 Sep 2015 Gilbod

Hades Shard hits this pretty hard after the Shutdown, I'd worry more about that then Clot.

7 Sep 2015 podoboyz99

@hhooo I went up to 3 Interns because in one game 2 turns in a row I had the combo ready then mandatory draw comes around and I draw an Interns. You also get more value with Interns out of hand with this deck than CI or a different Power Shutdown - Accelerated Diagnostics deck. I chose Errand Boy over Caduceus because a lot of times I don't need money but I defiantly need to power draw for combo pieces. Runners also tend to run killer-less against BABW when there is no Archer threat, so getting a sure 3 creds is better than having to win a trace.

7 Sep 2015 podoboyz99

@Gilbod I've interestingly never had anyone install a Hades Shard out of hand on an archives run/not pop it immidiatly. It's not a big enough concern for me to run Foxfire, but you could definatly swap one out for the Cyberdex if it's a problem in your meta.

15 Sep 2015 Anamorphic-235

I tried this deck this evening and while I can't say it's the most fun deck to play, the look on the faces of my opponent and the spectator as I scored 7 agenda points in a single turn was entirely worth it.

Only 2 pieces of ice in the whole game and 7 points of agendas sitting in my hand when legwork was played on me did not make for a calm experience, but I applaud your achievement.

15 Sep 2015 podoboyz99

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!