Professor Virus

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Professor Virus V2
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antivenom101 1

I'm gonna be honest, I didn't really put in much thought into this deck. So any constructive criticisms and hints will be appreciated!

My idea was that I would utilize the Professor's ability to bring in viruses and cause headaches on the Corp player.

Also note that I only own 1 core set (but I own 3 Aesop's) + CnC + First 3 data packs from Genesis.

11 Sep 2015 HopelessHeretic

You are only using 14 influence. This deck would be legal with every other shaper. You should push the program side of the deck more if you want to use the professors ability. When I played The Professor (back in creation and control) I really liked the combo of Sneakdoor Beta and Nerve Agent. I would drop it late game and it was typically worth 2 points. When I look to play The Professor I want him to be batman; has an answer in his utility belt for every single situation. So playing all 6 program search cards and just going I will use the perfect program for whatever situation that arises.

11 Sep 2015 Trypios

@HopelessHeretic is right, better use an other strong Shaper like Kate or Hayley. Also, the deck desperately needs economy.