Spark Econ Attrition

steevo15 110

My take on a Spark deck.

Basically use your advertisements and taxing ice to leverage scoring behind Ash. Sansan is there because FA is a real option and can help take advantage of scoring windows caused by your ability.

The Recursion Package:
All of my econ is temporary stuff that allows for some real bursty goodness. However it's going to need to be recurred for the long haul.
- Crick - Solid archives protection, keeps those advertisements flowing
- Architect - not much to be said here
- License Acquisition - Get back your SanSans for cheap, also Adonis
- Ad Blitz - Brings your econ back online in the late game

Notable Includes
- Turnpike - Keeps the econ attrition going even when all your advertisements are rezzed. Also provides a way to tag the runner and kill off important econ resources, enables closed accounts
- Troll - Good siphon protection. Almost always a two cred tax if the runner doesn't have link