Single Core Set NBN 1.1

Watzlav 594

A tiny bit more aggressive version of the previous deck. I wanted to make room for Ichi, so here he comes (no need to introduce since his reputation precedes) with few more changes.

Strategy in two words: Economic superiority. This deck aims to render lose-lose situations for runner. It's founded on strong economy and lots of tagging that either keeps the runner poor (if he loses the tags) or gives opportunity to score with Psychographics and eventually keeps the runner poor with Closed Accounts. Scoring PSF cuts the second option.

3 Nov 2014 Watzlav

+1 Wall of Static, +1 Enigma, -2 SEA Source

It needs some more ETR ice for greater consistency and SEA Source is just superfluous.

26 May 2016 buzard

I'm putting together a folder of single core decks and other info, to give to new players. May I include your single core decks? You will be given credit and Netrunner DB listed a the source on the decklist.