Gamers Den 2014 Store Champion 1st Place Deck

Locke 433

This deck won the 2014 Store Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas on the 22nd at the Gamers Den.

Round 1: (4-0) Played against HBFA and Andromeda. Won both matches.

Round 2: (4-0) Played against Jinteki and Kate. Won both matches.

Round 3: (2-2) Played against NBN and Gabriel. Lost to NBN due to so many closed accounts but killed Gabe first turn.

Round 4: (2-2) Played against Weyland and Kit. Lost to Kit because he played 2 R&D Interface and found 3 agendas stuck to each other worth 6 points and already had 2. I had the combo ready to win on my turn if he had just stolen 1 or 2 agendas. Reina killed Weyland really good with Knight/Clone Chip with Medium going.

Overall the decks finished with 12 points and earned first place.

If anyone has a question let me know!

27 Feb 2014 x3r0h0ur

Looks solid viruses and caissa working together. Is MU ever tight?

27 Feb 2014 Locke

The deck ran completely solid! I feel that I could take out one Xanadu and one Bishop for 2 other cards or for 2 cards in future expansions?...

The only other choice I considered was taking out one Xanadu for John Masanori.

27 Feb 2014 Locke

Ohh but for the MU its perfect.

The starting 4 MU is for Corroder/Mimic/Yog & Djinn..

Djnn holds 1 datasucker/Nerve Agent/Medium

And Deep Red is plenty. Often I would have 2 Knights and a Rook going with it. Usually mid to late game you dont need the bishops anymore. I found Ice Carver in most cases works perfectly and is enough.

28 Feb 2014 jcyyip88

If you first install a Knight and then a Deep Red, is the Knight's MU cost transferred to Deep Red? Or does remain taken from the starting 4 MU?

28 Feb 2014 Locke

It is transferred.

28 Feb 2014 Elthane

What does Djinn do for you in this deck?

28 Feb 2014 Elthane

heh, I just reread your comment about MU, I guess it just looks like overkill

28 Feb 2014 Elthane

heh, I just reread your comment about MU, I guess it just looks like overkill.

28 Feb 2014 weepinggorilla

My only worry is wraparound...

28 Feb 2014 Locke

Wraparound sucks.. The deck is running Corroder!

1 Mar 2014 razcrux

Hi there, I've run a similar deck but found the lack of tutors to be an issue. You have very little card draw and only a virus tutor (Djinn) how do you deal with consistency issues?

1 Mar 2014 Locke

Anarchs in general have a redundancy and yes the draw sucks. Team Covenant used Mr. Li for that purpose but I chose to run Account Siphon. I get ahead and draw cards anyway so it doesn't matter.