Gamers Den 2014 Store Champion 1st Place Deck

Locke 433

This deck won the 2014 Store Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas on the 22nd at the Gamers Den.

Round 1: (4-0) Played against HBFA and Andromeda. Won both matches.

Round 2: (4-0) Played against Jinteki and Kate. Won both matches.

Round 3: (2-2) Played against NBN and Gabriel. Lost to NBN due to so many closed accounts but killed Gabe first turn.

Round 4: (2-2) Played against Weyland and Kit. Lost to Kit because he played 2 R&D Interface and found 3 agendas stuck to each other worth 6 points and already had 2. I had the combo ready to win on my turn if he had just stolen 1 or 2 agendas. Reina killed Weyland really good with Knight/Clone Chip with Medium going.

Overall the decks finished with 12 points and earned first place.

If anyone has a question let me know!

27 Feb 2014 Flux

With this Weyland deck, how many of your wins were due to the JH/AD/SS/SC combo? Did you win by scoring agendas or flatlining without the combo?

27 Feb 2014 Locke

Jackson, Power Shutdown, Accelerated Diagnostics, & Scorched Earth killed Andro.

I actually scored 7pts against Jinteki. I was at 4 points and had a naked Cleaners on a remote sitting with 2 advances on it. However, if he stole the agenda it wouldn't of mattered because I would of combo killed him with 3 Punitive Counterstrikes.

I killed Gabe first turn due to a Shadow/Tag/Scorched Earth.

During my play testing I would combo 2/3s of the time. The only problem with play testing this deck is the people you play test figure out what you are doing and figure out how to beat the deck. But for most putting 3-5 points of agendas in archives flat out wins. Runner comes and gets them and you Punitive Counterstrike to win. Just keep making money!

27 Feb 2014 Flux

Thank you so much for your info. I have been looking a lot to these tourney winners for Weyland inspiration. There seems to be a lot of fun going on with them right now.

27 Feb 2014 Flux

Thank you so much for your info. I have been looking a lot to these tourney winners for Weyland inspiration. There seems to be a lot of fun going on with them right now.

27 Feb 2014 Locke

Ohh sure thing :D, if you need any other help or suggestions let me know! Ohh btw, Midseason Replacements is house in this deck!!! It gives the deck so much synergy and time for you to win. Give them like 10-12 tags and its pretty much game over.

27 Feb 2014 deth89

I was going to ask about the possibilities of switching out some of the midseasons for Snares.

27 Feb 2014 Locke

Nah you don't need Snares at all. You basically put out a 2 or 3 pt agenda on a remote on purpose for them to take. If they dont take it you score it otherwise, you midseason for a bunch and that gives you plenty of time to get your scorches to kill them.

Now that Weyland has Punitive Counterstrike & Scorched Earth. You don't need Snare. Before, Snares would clog up your hand not really doing anything but now with midseason you have more punch to create a ultimatum for the runner. And its a munch better answer then having to use a SEA Source.

27 Feb 2014 PlutoNick

"wouldn't have"

27 Feb 2014 Salindurthas

Why the Enigma over Datapike? They are so similar and I can rarely tell which is better for a given deck. Did you choose Enigma on a whim or is there some reason you prefer it to Datapike?

28 Feb 2014 Locke

You can use whatever you like. I went with Enigma because the entire point of the deck is to make as much money as possible. Enigma allows you 1 extra credit and denies them a click if possible. Originally I thought about using Datapikes and or the combination of the 2 but in the end I stuck with Enigmas,

28 Feb 2014 wamadeus

In my opinion... Accelerated Diagnostics is killing "the essence" of Android:Netrunner.

28 Feb 2014 dupl3x

wmadeus, I assume you mean the Power Shutdown/Jackson Howard/AD combo is what you believe is killing the essence of the game.

Lots of people agree with you and I think the reason is this: it's a powerful combo that seems to break the theme of the game (and of the individual cards used in the combo). Power shutdown, it would seem, was not designed to allow you to trash your whole deck. It (seemingly) was designed to give the corp another resource to trash pesky hardware or programs. That it's being "abused" in a combo with Jackson Howard to allow the corp to set up an unstoppable killing combo seems broken and silly.

I'm not entirely convinced that the developers didn't intend for this type of combo with Power Shutdown though. It would have been simple enough for them to put a limit on the number of cards that could be trashed, even if that limit were fairly high. That would have made the combo considerably more difficult to pull off as you'd need to wait until you were down to the last third or quarter of your deck.

But there are ways to counter the combo (be wealthy, have lots of link, have 2 or 3 plascretes out) though. And who knows what cards are coming down the pipe that will change the dynamics of this combo?

28 Feb 2014 Flux

In regards to the Power Shutdown/J-How/AD combo, I am already seeing a lot of people hitting HQ hard with Nerve Agent and Demo Run to get rid of the cards as early as possible.

28 Feb 2014 Locke

Plasacretes & lots of money for the runner is one major advantage to keep this deck from combo killing you. If the runner keeps taking money it puts more pressure on you.

1 Mar 2014 Chimpster

Just trash the Jacksons - I find it's the best way at keeping these combos from firing. Never leave a Jackson untrashed, almost as important as a rezzed sansan now.

6 Mar 2014 spurries

Sorry, I'm new to this, but what do you mean when you say you play against Jinteki? Corp vs. Corp? How does that work?

18 Aug 2014 Exo

Would you had Taurus now that it's out?