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Chewie 9

Latest version of my attempt to make a seriously viable tournament deck for the server munching net entity.

Stealing some of Adam's directives really adds some much needed aggression and solves some of the problems he has breaking a few pieces of ice in the game.

Prey combined with ABR means you can play prey first click and then spend 2 clicks to get past a piece of ice (combined with e3 if required) and then after passing the ice subsequently blowing it up by trashing some of your installed facedown cards.

This will allow you to get rid of any annoying ice on centrals to build toward an apocalypse play against horizontal builds such as NEH turtlebacks or gagarin that's going around atm. Or to just use EH and ABR in combo with e3 to lock down RND pretty quickly with the added help from an installed interface (or 2)

The jury is still out on the safety first it could be stronger to keep the larger hand size and put in x 3 diesel instead ( which i'll test out at my next gaming night). It feels a little combo'y waiting for the hearbeat install then brain cage back up to 6 again. Although once safety first is online the cards keep coming steadily so we'll see how it goes.

Other thoughts - ? needs tutoring ie. special order. There's always those games where ABR and EH will be at the bottom of the deck. So maybe ?add in quality time x2 , special order x2 in place of safety first. Not sure if that'll be enough draw though.