Credible Threat

dodgepong 1796

This is a fun deck I came up with after Nationals because I wanted to experiment with some new stuff.

The idea is pretty simple: Mushin something out and advance it, and make them too scared to run it.

  • If they run it and it's a Cerebral, they are at 0 hand size and you can Neural them.
  • If they don't run it and it's a Cerebral, you can advance-advance-Back Channels for 18 credits.
  • If they don't run it and it's a Mandatory Upgrades, you get 4 clicks for the rest of the game to FA stuff out of hand (barring Turntable shenanigans).
  • If they run it and it's a Mandatory Upgrades, well, good on them.

You can also go for overadvanced Vitruvius to recur Mushins. Once you score the ManUp, you're a lot more set for money, since you're basically ETF at worst now. Back Channels helps keep money up throughout the game, too.

Getting a ManUp out soon is important, so I also included a Biotic in case you don't see a Mushin, so you can IAA the ManUp and Biotic it out the next turn.

It's not a super competitive deck, but scoring stuff naked is one of my favorite things to do in Netrunner so it's still fun.

10 Oct 2015 moistloaf

The biggest problem with these decks is getting a Mushin in hand with a relevant target. Games where you don't draw a Mushin early tend to go very poorly, in my experience.

10 Oct 2015 dodgepong

Agreed, which is why I added the Biotic, as a poor substitute for a fourth Mushin. I know it's not the same, but it helps, and I'm glad I made the change.

10 Oct 2015 tiedyedvortex

This is extremely similar to a deck I made (but didn't publish) a while ago. The main difference is that I included one card from Data and Destiny, Media Blitz, which solves the last bullet point on your walkthrough, since it allows you to fast advance even if they steal a Mushin'd Upgrades.

I've published my version here in case you want to compare.

10 Oct 2015 dodgepong

That's definitely not a bad idea, and I'll admit that I built this deck back when Old Hollywood was released and only just published it now. 3 influence is a lot, though.

10 Oct 2015 tiedyedvortex

It is, and there have definitely been games when I would have greatly preferred a Back Channels or a Neural EMP instead of a Media Blitz. I am actually considering dropping to 2 Jacksons to make room for a single Back Channels after seeing your build.

18 Oct 2015 hi_impact

Very fun deck, awesome you've kept working on it dodgepong. Looks almost perfect.

I've been messing with 2x Turing instead of Architects, with no real upgrades and only 2x Adonis I don't really see their purpose. I know getting some Mimic bait is important and its a great ice, but I don't know if its too good here over something like Turing or even Fenris.

18 Oct 2015 dodgepong

You can use Architects to recur NEXT ICE if they parasite it down, or accelerate the installation of NEXT ICE from hand or R&D. Architect isn't only for assets and upgrades.

Also, if they hit it last click, you can install a 3/2 naked and score it on your turn.

Turing is probably still good if you want to hard for rush, or if you need AI hate in your meta.