Noise IHW (2nd NZ Nats, 2015)

divadus 894

Sorry to disappoint, but Disrupter is actually Clot (that card is still never going to be in a top 8 premier level decklist). The precise list is identical to this one (hence why I had to arbitrarily substitute a card): We know each other, don't worry - I ain't jacking no one's flow here. As he notes, the list is very standard, but I decided to not be greedy and held onto a pair of I've Had Worse to better the murder matchups.

I don't have much else to add. Noise is good; you know this. The Lampreys were exceedingly clutch in numerous matchups. Almost wish I had a second Medium (card wins games), but deck slots are tight.

3 - 1 in Swiss (first round bye); 2 - 1 in Elimination.