Take Your Medicine v1.0

tzeentchling 850

New style of playing Harmony Medtech with the release of Global Food! Can be very swingy - if you're bad at psi games, do not play this deck, because that's about the only way you can win. Took first at a very small GNK, going 2-1.

Strategy is fairly straightforward - make money, rush out at least one 5/3 behind an ice or two and a Caprice. The second can take its time to ice the server more, make more money, and combine Caprice/Ash/Batty.

Ice is still in the testing phase. Seeing if Assassin is better than Susano-o. Unsure about the Pups - they're not bad, but haven't really pulled their worth against anyone who has money/Parasite recursion. Yagura/Enigma might swap for Quandaries, or just another Enigma.

25 Oct 2015 HandsomeMonkey

What is your main Batty Target? He doesn't seem as strong as just an emergency ETR. Although firing a Susano would be pretty funny!

25 Oct 2015 tzeentchling

Batty can always be an emergency EtR, as you said. Other great targets are Crick (especially when installed other places besides archives), to get back a Caprice or Ash; Swordsman, to trash their Atman or Faust; or Assassin, to tax more or even kill them if they don't have enough cash.