Fisky Seminars

lisa laser 2

Opening Hand / Early Game

Looking for:

--> Desperado (We want to run a lot, so seeing this early is crucial for our economy)

--> Datasucker (This is also good economy for repeated runs, if we find it early)

--> Medium / HQ interface (One of these immediately sets up some central pressure)

--> Sure Gamble / Dirty Laundry / Security Testing (More economy, staying liquid is important)

--> one or two breakers (All the money will not help if we can't get in)

The plan here is to keep them poor and distract them from installing agendas by pressuring HQ and/or R&D. Trigger Fisk only if they are poor and have a full hand or you multi-access HQ. Don't trigger him when they have <4 cards in hands or have a lot of moneys. When they secure one of HQ and R&D start attacking the other. Try to trash or force to trigger the Jacksons. Meanwhile get out some breakers. When they stabilize and find a way to money up, have your account siphon ready. Also get a Gang Sign out.

Time for Fisk Seminars

The key pieces of this deck are Fisk Investment Seminar and Deja Vu. The best situation to play the first FIS is when they placed an agenda ready to score next turn and have a full hand. It would be good to have at least a second FIS, a Deja Vu or a Express Delivery on hand, so we can repeat the seminar next turn. After playing FIS run a central where it makes the most sense and trigger Fisk. Find the next FIS with Deja Vu or Express Delivery if you don't have it on hand already. In ideal case they have 10 cards on their hand when they start their turn, have no money to play them and / or scoring the agenda. Repeat the Seminar multiple turns in a row. They will discard a lot, so check archives every now and then. They don't want to have the agendas in hand as you can access them with the gang signs.

Late Game

Go on with the central pressure and Fisk triggering. If you can't find the agendas in R&D they either flood their hand or sit in archives. If there is a chance of running them out of their deck soon it sometimes even makes sense to let them fire their architects. Build up the Medium counters and they will sacrifice a turn to purge.


Combo decks looking for their pieces are happy about you helping them to find them. Here it's even more important to watch their credits and decide when to trigger FIS and Fisk. The right timing is crucial. Even they cannot hold all ther combo pieces and their agendas in hand.

Another problem might be corps with increased hand size. Until now, luckily, I haven't seen any of those.


First I ran this deck with an Eden Shard to enhance one FIS turn even more. If you can pull it off it's great. However I rarely wanted to sacrifice a multy-acces on R&D or the 7credits to install it. However, I had some problems with encountering Tollbooths, Data Ravens and Pop Up Windows, so for now I go with the Hunting Grounds. When I encountered a lot of Chronos Protocol, PE and Cybernetics I also thought about a Feedback Filter.

I really want to make influence space for the 3rd Deja Vu so that FIS can be triggered one more time. Thinking about swapping 2 Mediums for 2 R&D-interfaces + 1 Deja Vu. Or 1 Medium + 1 Datasucker for 1 R&D-Interface and 1 Deja Vu.

For the future

Looking out for more effective ways to recur FIS.

Looking for hand size reduction for corp.