How is that an Ad 1.0

Zhonyun208ad 29

Since first playing Netrunner I have loved the concept of NBN, but I could never really get it to work out for me until this deck.

With one card you change from advertising nothing to everything being an ad. With Rebranding Team being a key player in this deck. So of every asset you rez the runner loses a cred, but wait there's more with city surveillance you make them lose a cred or take a tag, but before you turn that deil get this for free you can make Reality Threedee yours, making that tag the runner took more profitable for you.

But one might be asking with this new found wealth? The answer is in the trace, yes with security sweep in play you can make the runner wish he had creds because he will be spending a lot of them.

Now I have fiddled with this deck a bit and I like it but I feel it's missing something or could have it cut down some but hopefully woth your help we can make the runner dream of a day where he had creds.

13 Nov 2015 pandaman64

First, I think your economy could stand to be more ad based.

-2 marked accounts, -2 reality Threedee, -1 expose,

+3 pop up window, +2 pad campaign,

I wish I could find room for a 3rd adonis campaign, honestly.

How good is rebranding team here? If it's great, then probably find room for fast track so you can get it to your hand when your ready to score it.