Bioroids mean serious business

tvaru 8


my first published deck. We have an achievement list in our small local meta and I am trying to complete the "win once with each id" achievement. Thus, I have to make the Stronger together ID work somehow. So, all improvement suggestions are welcome.

I am intentionally going almost all bioroid, so no one can say that I am playing "aside" of my identity.

General ideas are: -putting loads of bioroids made cheap by B-TW and Heinlein Grids to mitigate the click-through method -the more expensive bios (including Enforcer as normally I would have to spend 2-3 points to rez it) are to be pushed with BER -Secretary and Thomas' are to bait runs, tried that in my pilot games to good effect. Getting a guy to get a brain (from stimhack) and trashing two of his progs was quite nice.

Worries: - money may be an issue depending on the draw. Usually I play this quite passively, so I tend to click for money once/twice per turn. - I am not sure about the agendas as GFI does not do that much here but I have no ideas on how to replace it. I used the 3/2s before but then I would have to cut something from the other cards. NAPD seemed to work fine as usually their creds are depleted after going through 2-4 rezzed bioroids.

Any help in form of suggestions or criticisms is welcome.

16 Nov 2015 t-lor

With so many thinks to click trough. I feel like ELP would do a lot of work.

Furtermore half of your ice is 8c or more to rez. Even with BTW and ER that sounds like a lot of money needed. And im not seeing that.

16 Nov 2015 tvaru

@t-lorThanks a lot for writing in. I was thinking about ELP (especially since low agenda density means that it should last a while) but I cannot find space for it. Plus, if they want to click through Heinlein Grid usually makes them think again.

As for money and expensive ICE, yeah, I started this with much more cheap ice but when playing online I usually had 1-2 BTWs online, so I actually was able to rez quite a lot for cheap. On the other hand if they did not come, things were worse. Also, there are not that many other bioroids, although I considered swapping a few of the more expensive ones for Markus 1.0Markus or Zed 1.0Zed (that could also help for the click-though)

16 Nov 2015 t-lor

Markus is nice. id think u really want to ad 1 and rop a heimdal or janus I still think ZED is a horrible card. It only works behind another piece of ice. and even then the runner has to click trough that first ice. while having no clicks left en no killer out.
That sounds like a pipedream TBH

Thinking about it. Im not that sure about Batty. What are u really trying to acomplice ? Your best bet is to get it to fire and then get a single braindmg or ETR. SO thats roughly 2 braindmg (66% succes). (and it doenst etr) And thats if its not trashed out of hand or R&D First which is a big if . I get if u get them to facecheck an janus first, its a win condition. But otherwise it seems like a lot of trouble to go trough and spent 9 inf on.. Id rather just have 2 caprices personally,

BTW If your looking for a click trough solution, Sub Boost is the way to go :P

16 Nov 2015 tvaru

@t-lorI rather thought about Batty comboing with Ichi/Enforcer to destroy progs/console/virtuals with brains or ETR as backup. I was thinking Caprice but she is much less flexible and I have quite a few ETR effects here already. I am not sure about it but this deck does not really need much influence, so I wanted to spend it on something :). I agree that Zed is crappy, that is why I did not put him here. I am not a big fan of Markus because is is the reverse Eli (4-3 instead of 3-4) and the card trashing when the runner decides is not that good as the second ETR. Sub Boost is not a bad idea but, as with ELP, I am not sure what to cut out to find space for it :)