Prepaid Hunger

matiez 2

My first take on an Apex deck, and my first published deck.

Using Endless Hunger and e3 Feedback Implants, Apex is able to get past most ICE. Mimic is there to stop any annoying sentries and Hunting Grounds will get past Tollbooth and stop Pop-up Window. Hunting Grounds can also be sacked if needed to support Endless Hunger and Prey.

Prepaid VoicePAD and Ghost Runner help out on the econ-side of things. Both are also Hunger fodder, if needed.

Chop Bot 3000 and Wasteland make a good synergy, though I've seen myself only feeding them Harbinger. Harbinger is good in this deck, I'm questionable on how good. It's great fodder, I'll give it that. Levy AR Lab Access will help prevent self-decking, and Diesel and Express Delivery should help put all the pieces together.

Heartbeat so far has been hot-garbage. I'm not willing to swap it yet, however, until I see how it fairs against Butcher.

I didn't get to use Apocalypse, so I'm not certain if that card is worthwhile in this deck. Also, I never used Apex's ability, so I'll be looking into other Identities to use instead.