The Challenge Deck: 284 Cards

podoboyz99 2343

The Challenge is: Can you win a game with this deck? Post your story on how you won and how many tries it took you in the comments. Defiantly tier 1.

10 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

Shame It'd never be tournament legal

10 Dec 2015 Shunsen

Why wouldn't it be legal?

10 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

@Shunsen Due to somebody taking a deck of similar proportions to an event, Fantasy Flight made a rule that the deck must be of a size that's easy to shuffle in a timely fashion by one person, (as one guy tried to get around that by having a group of friends shuffle parts of the deck for him.)

10 Dec 2015 Shunsen

It's about 3 Magic Commander / L5R Big Decks. That should be managable by a single shuffler in reasonable time.

10 Dec 2015 pang4

It's a myth that a player can't shuffle a big deck in a timely fashion. It takes practice, yes, but one can riffle 100 cards in sleeves without issue if you know how. By intermixing pile and riffling, you can get through 250-300 cards in under 2 minutes to be accepted as sufficient randomization by most TO's. You just need to figure out a system of how to go about it.

10 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

@pang4 @shunsen I stand/sit corrected.

10 Dec 2015 pang4

However, The Future is Now and Tech Startup are going to be real pains to play with. You better know what you're looking for...

10 Dec 2015 Bigguyforyou518

I've lost 10 games with this so far and counting. I got a Gabe down to 1 max hand size with brain damage, and had him almost completely locked down, but he stole his 3rd 3-pointer in a row in a completely random, last ditch single access from R&D.

Most games you don't get enough ice, and simultaneously get agenda flooded. Scoring windows with random -able Bioroids are an absolute nightmare to set up.

11 Dec 2015 podoboyz99

My first win was agenst a DLR deck and they got super unlucky mills

11 Dec 2015 Zouavez

"My first win was agenst a DLR deck"

What a horrible matchup for them; it would take hours to mill this deck out!

11 Dec 2015 SlayerCNV
11 Dec 2015 BackToTheBeat

It's a good job you've got Global Food Initiative in there to reduce your agenda density

11 Dec 2015 podoboyz99

@SlayerCNV Why?

12 Dec 2015 SlayerCNV

@podoboyz99 are u kiddin? the possibility to have 100+ cards in hand if put more econ. IMAGINE.

12 Dec 2015 podoboyz99

@SlayerCNV, I put every single HB economy card in the deck. But the best one of all is HB ETF. It actually gives you the ability to maybe win some games.

15 Dec 2015 leburgan

Beat Noise today. Tech startup into Jackson is MVP. Gave him 5 brain damage for the win.