Sunny of all trades v2

Nestor 7

Second version of a previously failed deck.

Special orders, because these breakers won't crop up by themselves.

Net-Ready eyes to avoid paying 2 extra credits for a 2/4-str ice. Hotel to get some draw. Maybe I should try instead?

Finally, spiced up with some parasites to remove the taxing ice. Thinking of dropping #technical writer, because it didn't really do well in tests. Maybe some backdoors instead?

12 Dec 2015 AsteriskCGY

Yea I'm not seeing technical writer is great for her. Visage and Sinclair sound like strong uses.

12 Dec 2015 sruman

Given the amount of free memory this build will generally have, I'd say that the 3 special orders would be better as 2 self-modifying codes.