Imperator Furiosa / Hiveworld Cologne GNK

ANtheguy.brush.. 128

This deck is br00tal. I siphoned turn one in three games and played apocalypse in two games. I lost one game against NEH.

Thanks goes to LSK for publishing this deck, it's been a blast to play it. I can play day job on a day job playmat now which is great.

Hacktivist meeting and turntable screwed over NEH, but had no impact in my other games. Armitage codebusting is okay, but could easily be something else.

20 Dec 2015 podoboyz99

How many Foodcoats did you play on the day? I've been toying with a similar version for a while now (but 45 cards 4 life) and the Foodcoats matchup is usually about 60% in your favor. How did you improve on that? Does the Knifed really do that much work, or are the Imps even good at all?

21 Dec 2015 ANtheguy.brush..

I played against one HB. Not sure it was Foodcoats, but I can imagine that it's a pretty rough matchup.

Knifed killed one Eli 1.0 so far, but it got trashed in every other game or didn't matter.

Imp is great though. It's mainly for killing assets and upgrades. You need the money to plow through ICE.