Deckbuilding Derezzed - Ep 9 - CT - Notorious B.A.G.

CodeMarvelous 19730

On today's episode of Deckbuilding Derezzed I am joined by UK National champ Alex AKA VinegaryMink to discuss the CT bagbiter deck!

Here is the video:

You can find him on twittter @vinegarymink

23 Dec 2015 Kitescreech

I had the pleasure of being whupped today by this online. Getting Vamped (so I couldnt rez anything) then Hyperdrivers going off and suffering repeated runs was...interesting.

24 Dec 2015 rotage

How quickly on average can you get this setup and ready for the big turn?

24 Dec 2015 Pandaclysm

This looks like LSK's Hypershitfucker deck.

16 Mar 2016 BizTheDad

Wow, when this combo works it's unbeatable. Also, I can't believe how fun this deck is to play.