Dirty Laundry - Ep 9 - PE - Bed Brew w VinegaryMink

CodeMarvelous 19842

I am joined by UK Nats champ Alex White (VinegaryMink) to build a unique Personal Evolution rush deck!

Watch the build: https://youtu.be/ZNK-4XKuhMg

28 Dec 2015 ANRguybrush

I recently thought about a PE rush deck similar to Argus rush when I was taking a shower. It's cool to see that we are on the same page here.

Sweeps week could really be good here.

29 Dec 2015 Ziziros

Loved the episode, excited to give this a spin!

29 Dec 2015 tzeentchling

I'm curious if the deck could be improved by using Biotech instead of PE? Either of the Brewery or Greenhouse seem valid for such a deck. The click compression is slightly different, of course, and that drip of 1 net may be enough to really make a significant difference, but I would have loved some discussion on why you consider PE the best for this rush style.

8 Jan 2016 ClockwiseWitness

@tzeentchlingThe net trickle is actually really good. I've won more games that I should have because of it. It basically takes the sting out of deep R&D digs a little bit too.

18 Jan 2016 moeljartin

@CodeMarvelous any plans to update post-MWL? -2 Eli 1.0, +1 Wraparound, +1 Wall of Static? Haven't played it yet so not sure how important those Eli's are to the setup.