Mandatory viewing (updated for NaPD)

lilelia 323

This deck plays like a pseudo-foodcoats deck, until you get Media Blitz and either Fast Track or Mandatory Upgrades, then you push to either score or have them steal the MU. Once you have 4 clicks a turn, the game gets a lot easier, as you can score most of your agendas from hand (but still probably have a decent scoring server to put them in in case they clot you) and generally move faster.

Obviously you can't Blitz an agenda on Film Critic, so you want to get that first MU out as quickly as is comfortable. Don't be afraid to play normal netrunner though if you have the opportunity to build lots of credits and/or score out the old fashioned way. The deck functions pretty well without the MU/MB combo. Also, don't think you have to let them take the MU, it's perfectly possible to score it out. My favourite way to score it is install - advance - something else (possibly retrieving with fast track); advance - advance something else (probably an install); triple advance - something else. That way at each stage you've invested the least amount in it, and you can get your install credit each turn.

Some card choices:

Fast track is really handy for getting MU and for fetching other agendas to score once you have it (especially if there's an RnD lock going on). It used to be 3-of but I took one out for an Archived Memories, which can be the third or retrieve other cards (i.e. Media Blitz or Ash).

Brain-Taping Warehouses used to be Melange Mining Corps, which worked nicely with having 4 clicks (install and use on same turn, if stays around use then install something else), but weren't as handy early game with not having much ice to protect them. This is more pronounced with my changed ice suite after NaPD being more expensive to res. So in went the Warehouses, which help with early game ice ressing, and are harder to trash.

All the campaigns help with mid-late game money, or slow the runner down, both of which you like. I tend to leave the Eves not/barely protected, but I always protect my Adonis unless I'm flooded with them and no ice. I feel 3 is the correct number of Eves to make sure I have enough assets I don't have to protect.

The ice suite is...not brilliant. I feel it works well enough with the rest of the deck, but it looked very different before NaPD (Ichis were Architects, Markus was Eli, some other swapping around) and it's definitely not as good now. There's not a whole lot to do about it though, all the influence spent is kind of necessary.

Biotic labour is conspicuously absent, and I'm not sure whether I should make room for it. On the one hand, being able to score MU in 2 turns rather than 3 is nice, or never advance GFI when on 4 clicks. But actually having it in those circumstances is rare unless there's lots of them, and I don't want to be waiting around for one. I'd rather spend any spare money building bigger ice walls to discourage the runner. A previous version of this deck had a couple of Biotic Labours, and I think it's better without.

If you've got this far, thanks for reading, and any suggestions greatly appreciated! Particularly with what to do with the ice suite (or whether to leave it alone).