Man Up (and Pay the Bills)

lubaroli 1

Hello world! This is my first time publishing a deck. After playing this casually and winning a game in which Waldemar himself was watching (by the way, I had no idea he was @ddark) and asked me to send the link to the deck, I couldn't refuse to do it.

This is my take in making Waldemar HB deck NAPD MWL compliant. As one who has played the deck before might agree, the original deck is about playing your remotes, forcing the runner to spend clicks and credits to trash high value resources and even steal your agendas, but at a pricey tag. At that same game I had a NAPD Contract stolen for 18

So Red Herrings, NAPD Contract and Reversed accounts must stay. Tollbooth is great for runners low on cash, so a lot of influence on there also. Wraparound could be an Eli 1.0, it depends on how much you hate AI breakers. Wraparound is good for gear checking and scoring too.

Well, I have fun with this deck and it looks pretty consistent. The ICE cost is balanced and you always have cheap ICE to keep you through the early game and by the mid game enough cash to bring out the big guns. If you score Man Up, there are enough 3/2 to simply fast advance your way to victory.

Looking forward for comments and suggestions (and a guide on how to make links to cards on this comment box).