stealth + fast set up

tomasulo 8

Note: This deck started with Hayley + Stealth breakers, then borrowed heavily from (check it out as well. very good deck)

20 Jan 2016 Saan

With Aesop's, the Easy Marks might be better as Cache.

21 Jan 2016 quailman2101

The only thing I really worry about here is Marcus. With only 1 clone chip, if one of your programs gets trashed, and it'll probably be 2 if they use Marcus, then you could be out of the game.

21 Jan 2016 quailman2101

Oh, and I agree with Saan. Cache will work better with Aesop in play. It'll net more credits and it synergizes with her ability. I always try to avoid events as much as possible when I use Hayley.

21 Jan 2016 tomasulo

@Saan Cache is great idea. I hadn't thought of that!

@quailman2101 That was one of my concerns, losing an icebreaker. Maybe a second Clone Chip? I'm kinda new to netrunner, so i'm not sure how a runner recovers from losing multiple icebreakers.

21 Jan 2016 quailman2101

I usually have at least 2 copies of each breaker.