Wotan Clan Ain't Nothin' to F*ck With (0.2)

MTUCache 59

Previously Known As: "Brain Scraping Snarehouse", New name courtesy of @oliproud (much better fitting, now that there's no long any traces of Brain Taping Warehouses or Snares in the deck. :p )

Changes from last version: Agendas: -1 Domestic Sleepers, -1 PriReq, +3 Self-Destruct Chips Asset: -3 Adonis, -1 Jackson, -2 Snare, +2 Junebug, +1 GRNDL Refinery Upgrade: +2 Batty Operation: -1 Offer, -2 Brainchips, -1 Oversight, +2 Archived Memories ICE: -2 Heimdall 1.0, +2 Turing, +2 Viktor 1.0

So, with some helpful feedback on my last list, and with some forethought to what I knew was already going to be weaknesses of this build, I went back to the drawing board.

First, the economy. I've actually lost money cards here, taking out the Adonises, but even more importantly I've removed a lot of the money-sinks that that money was never going to pay for anyway (Snares and Offer). Yes, it's still very light on econ, and advancing Tommy doesn't really feel all that productive. I'd love to fit another GRNDL instead of a Tommy, but I'll have to tear apart the influence to find another advanceable econ card (these serve as the bait in the deck, obviously).

Second, dropping the Snares and the Offer. They're cute, but simply too expensive and too much influence. Junebugs offer a similar result that can also be used as advanceable traps. The Battys do cost some serious influence, and they're not as certain to land on access, but I felt like the money savings was significant enough to justify. I've got a feeling these guys will be doing a lot of work in the deck.

Third, it really needed some mid-range ICE. Something that was small enough to be rezzed the "hard way". Enter Turing and Viktor.

Lastly, recursion... With so much of the ice depending on operations or Howlers to rez, and some of that ice likely to end up in the bin at some point, multiple people pointed out that Archived Memories was going to be a must in this deck.

Money is still an issue here, with so much advancing to be done, but this deck feels a lot smoother and dependable than the previous version. Failed traps are still a problem (perhaps -1 Junebug and +1 GRNDL), but I really feel like the upgrades here are going to be a lot more likely to land brain subs and win through flatline. Still have no idea if scoring windows two turns wide will be opened up by scared runners, but I'm excited to get this one to the table and try it out.