Haarp Help Please

Disturbed1 231

This is a deck Ive been playing lately with relative success, but I feel like it could definitely be improved.

Any suggestions on how to make this better would be appreciated. It's not FA, but can still score quickly for the win if I don't think I can get the kill.

5 Feb 2016 deifius

If you are tagging and bagging, you might switch up the QPM for TGTBT. A sea source might go farther than a shattered remains too.

The midseason/psycho/beale seems kind of at odds with the tag+bag. I might trade out the astroscripts for explodapalooza, and use that free influence for more damage, maybe some net damage from Jinteki or brain from HB.

Of course, I am only comparing the deck I see to decks I know. Maybe this deck is limber enough to switch strategies based on opponent, board state and card draw.

I do like the 24/7 with the breaking news. It's like a secret SEA Source.