Jesminder - The Green Criminal

Lorgar 78

As green criminal my Jesminder is designed for early HQ access. Therefor every breaker type is doubled, one to play it immediately and siphon, the other for the mid/late game. Inti, Mimic, ZU could be played for only a few credits via the SMC.

Maya combined with the Interfaces construct R&D presure over the game. The rest of the deck is straight forward. The Escher is the ace up my sleeve for the late game.

6 Feb 2016 CTclone

Program trashing seems a bit painful with this setup. Maybe a Levy would fit nicely? It also seems like you have to either land an early Siphon or get Opus installed early, otherwise you struggle.

8 Feb 2016 Lorgar

@CTclone probably you are right. Maybe I should include vone Levy and a Test Run. It brings me the right program even if it has been trashed already. I could cut the Escher and a Quality Time.