Some women just want to watch the world burn... [5-0 at SC]

anr_marsellus 1334

This is a deck I have built and tinkered with for a little more than a month and it is one of the most controlling decks I have ever seen - at least on a level with PPVP-Kate. Me and @prozz have been playing it instensively on with win rates far exceeding 80%. @prozz won a StoreChampionship in Torun(PL) and I took home a second place in Bremen(GER), where I went undefeated with it.

So what the heck is this deck doing that makes it so enormously powerful? To use some hacker jargon, it uses three different attack vectors against the Corp. It threatens R&D deep digs with Medium (as all the Anarchs), it controls remotes with Blackmail and - most importantly - it Vamps the Corp and just wins. Yes, it is that easy. So, let's get into a little more details.

(1) Breaker suite: You play only pumpable breakers. Corroder, Zu.13 and Femme Fatale. Yes, Femme is expensive to install and use, but it is worth it (particularly for just one influence). You do not play any tutors at all. Your draw is what gets the job done - speaking of which...

(2) You want to get your Wyldside+Pancakes up as fast as possible and you use Inject and I've Had Worse as a means to get there. Drawing is the major part of your early game. Double Inject turn 1 is a legit play.

(3) Your main economic engine is Liberated Accounts and Daily Casts, fueled by Career Fairs. There are some Sure Gambles, but that is it. No Kati, nothing else. But it is more than sufficient because...

(4) Recursion. Two Tropes and one Levy AR Lab Access do the job. Usually somewhen in the middle of the game you pop a Trope to get back the aforementioned economy cards. Profit. Occasionally you also get back...

(5) Cutlery. One each of Forked, Spooned and Knifed is ridiculously powerful in the mid game. Thanks to your economic engine you can kill any piece of ICE and tear holes in the Corp's defense, usually R&D or HQ. Thanks to two Same Old Things you get back the good stuff.

(6) The MVP. The one card that makes this deck the insanity it is: Vamp. You are richer than the Corp in mostly all games (even vs. Blue Sun...) and after Vamp you just win. Caprice and Ash are blanked, R&D ICE can't be rezzed for at least two turns so you go berserk with Medium. You prevent Biotic Labor Fast Advance. I vamped HB for 33 credits and then just won. This is the control I talked about in the beginning. You Vamp PE down to 0 credits and run all the advanced cards. Thanks to your economy, you get back to 10+ credits in less than a turn while the Corp is at 3 credits. Go berserk.

Some notes to matchups: Foodcoats: 90+% win rate. You can let them get to 4 points and let them feel safe. Vamp and Win. RP: Gets torn apart just as easily. Weyland: Your economy prevents SEA Source+Scorch kills. Cutlery is awesome against Blue Sun. Weyland is still Weyland. Yellow decks: Anything that does not play operation fast advance (Biotic Labor) is a superior matchup. SanSans get trashed, two Turntables make you draw them sufficiently fast such that you can Turntable away the Astros. If they play 24/7 kill combos you need to draw into your I've Had Worse, but that is more than feasible.

So far the only problematic matchups are Fastrobiotics and those weird Blue Sun decks with Off The Grid and Caprice Nisei+Crisium Grid on HQ. So if your meta is full of those, this deck is probably too slow. But if people go for yellow kill decks or all the other factions, this deck will fare tremendously well.

I want to thank @prozz for the joint playtesting and some good tips for improvements.

7 Feb 2016 prozz

:thumbs_up: :)

7 Feb 2016 D4KEN

@anr_marsellus nice deck and congratz to the 2nd place ;)

8 Feb 2016 el-zilcho

Three 1-of breakers with no tutors. How does this work?

8 Feb 2016 anr_marsellus

@Kwyjibo You have sufficient draw to find your pieces fast enough plus thanks to Blackmail and recursion you are able to pressurize remotes even without a complete suite. That said, it is a standard play to Vamp the Corp with nothing but DDoS and Femme Fatale, which makes every server dead anyway :)

8 Feb 2016 prozz

my final version is a little bit different, with more breakers indeed: -1 Turntable, -2 Trope +1 Faust, +1 D4v1d, +1 Same Old Thing

8 Feb 2016 tzeentchling

I find it amazing that you have that much money on hand. 3 Gamble, 3 Liberated, and 3 Casts aren't exactly superfunds even with Career Fair, especially if you're actually playing cards and spending that money.

Also, does no one in Germany play Crisium Grid anymore? Or put Caprice on centrals (much less viable against Blackmail, but still)?