dyper 2.4 - 1st at 13 man SC

rotage 2363

This is the deck I took to the Bournemouth Store Championship and finished 1st out of 13 people, with 4 wins and 1 loss for the day. Similar versions have also done well in previous SC's this year coming 6th out 34 at Aldershot and 5th out of 77 at Darksphere.

The concept of the deck is to use Hyperdrivers and All nighters for a 15 click turn, using DDOS and False Echo to prevent ice being rezzed and Medium with Keyhole to access multiple cards

Draw is provided with by Diesel and Quality time, I have looked at Earthrise hotel but found it is a bit too expensive and although Quality Time is only slightly cheaper in some games I urgently need a card so getting 5 at once is critical

Economy has Sure Gamble, Daily Casts and Technical Writer, getting an early Technical Writer is fantastic as it could potentially net you around 10 credits, sometimes even more. I will often install two technical writers, I will rarely install the third unless I have seen no other economy cards

Bookmark is there to prevent being killed, help with overdraw with Quality Time and keep cards safe from PE decks. Film Critic helps against Haarp and Jinteki matchups (The Future Perfect, Fetal AI)

Notoriety has been a fanastic inclusion, I used to find in games I could get stuck on 6 agenda points and not close the game out, this card solves that problem and means if I snipe an early agenda from an open HQ or R&D that I can often just need 1 or 2 agendas from the big turn

Escher helps on the chance that they manage to rez ice, often they will just ice R&D and/or their scoring remote and leave HQ, this allows you to move the ice and do you big turn,

Breakers, this deck used to just have Cypsis as an emergency breaker however with people getting wise to the deck and Crypsis not being usable I switched to Inti and Zu, mostly to stop NBN decks just scoring out behind a single piece of ice and help with Escher if they get rezzed ice on HQ

To pilot this deck install the pieces as you get them, against NBN I would never install DDOS in case of breaking news, and never run R&D when it has ice as it will allow them to rez it, if R&D is open I will consider and early keyhole install and mill some cards. Also if you are certain they are trying to score behind 1 piece of ice then using a DDOS is something to consider

7 Feb 2016 imrahil

Glad dyper finally got the SC win. Really great deck and we'll done for getting g do bloody good at it... now please stop playing it so I can stop having to tech against it :p

7 Feb 2016 rotage

@imrahil Thanks :)

Don't worry working on a new Anarch version, 30 click turn here we come ;)

10 Feb 2016 boj_man

Very cool looking deck! Are the clone chips for false echo? Can you walk me through the typical final few steps before and during the 15 click turn?

10 Feb 2016 rotage

@boj_man Thanks, ideally clone chips are for SMC so I get the rig out sooner, however if the corp starts putting more ice on R&D then I will keep some to use with False Echo

So initially the plan is to get some money and slowly build the rig up, I will get two leprechauns as this allows me to install all the hyperdrivers and the keyhole on them leaving two mu for a medium and a false echo. I won't always install DDOS in advance in case they are able to tag me and trash it

In recent games I have been able to steal agendas before my big turn, either by using the breakers or DDOS to steal an early agenda or keyhole and undefended R&D

To actually answer your question a lot depends on the matchup and boardstate, if the corp is about to win i.e foodcoats on 4AP with a double advanced card in a server or NBN with 4/5AP with an Astrotoken then I will make my big turn. Ideally spend previous turns checking unrezzed cards in remotes with no ice for any Jacksons or Cybderdex Virus Suite. Also I will unload techincal writer in advance to save a click in the big turn

On the big turn itself: Install DDOS Install any missing pieces for the combo

If one or less ice on HQ then run HQ, the reason for this is that we need to run HQ for Notoriety and if we get lucky snipe an Agenda from HQ, if we do this after using false echo we have less change of sniping an agenda

If there are upgrades on R&D then do a normal run on R&D, bouncing the ice back to hand but leaving one piece there as they cant rez this during the turn. Trash the upgrade assuming it is something that can be an issue i.e Ash, Caprice, Cyberdex, Crisum Grid.

Once there are no upgrades on R&D, Keyhole R&D, if you know there are no Jacksons on the table then trash any Agendas, otherwise trash dangerous cards such as Archangel/Cyberdex, if you see none of these then trash ice/operations

If I am happy there are unlikely to be any Archangels, Cyberdex, Snares in R&D then once you hit 4/5 medium tokens then do a normal run on R&D and then do alternative normal/keyhole runs on R&D

If you are playing against Jinteki kill decks, then try to use book mark to load up on cards and then trash on the big turn, having multiple cards makes snare far less scary

15 Feb 2016 yeoda

Hey man,

wanted to let you know that I've been piloting a version of this deck (made some weird changes like add chameleon and stuff) but who needs breakers right? I got 4th place at a recent Store Championship in Atlanta. NEH ultimately lost me my chance to win cause I'm a noob at it. but Kate took me 5-1 for the day. Lost to a fast advance (which was still a close game... but had to pop early and couldn't find ddos).

This is the only way I'd ever play kate... with my fav anarch cards. Hope to see this evolve more. :) Great job.

15 Feb 2016 yeoda

also... question. Since you are able to get early agendas... What is your thought or artist colony? Probably a really bad include.. but I want to hear your opinion anyway.

15 Feb 2016 rotage

@yeoda Thanks and congrats on 4th place :)

I considered chameleon multiple times but in the end I decided I wanted to be able to deal with wraparound in case NBN wanted to be sneaky and sneak agendas out behind it, what is the other stuff you put in?

I have considered Artist Colony, but would need fansite too which is potentially 6 extra cards and card slots are at a premium, if there is no murder or RP in your meta you could drop the bookmarks, film critics and breakers to fit them in.

Going forward there are cards in the cycle that I am interested in including, so look out for future changes