Kwik-E-Shop or Spags' NEH

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Undefeated at Epic Loot's Store Championship in Centerville, OH on 13-Feb-2015

A brief history of the deck as I know it: Spags has been refining Special Offer NEH since World's 2015. I asked for what Corp he was on around the time MWL dropped and I've been working with him on it since. Calimsha also contributed significantly to the deck, going up to 2 Archangel and reinforcing the importance of Fast Track. Also, both are better pilots to me and have helped me learn to pilot this deck.

I also took this deck to Chi-Lo City Grid and took it to top 4 with a 5-2 record and undefeated in top 8.

I didn't write any notes down and my memory isn't reliable but here is the day as I can recall.

Round 1 vs. Phillip on Whizzard: I believe he was on Cutlery and Faust. I get a Wraparound and SanSan early to score an Astro and then ride the train to victory.

Round 2 vs. Andy on Whizzard: I also think he is on Cutlery Whizzard and I see Wraparounds early and some Biotics. Event Econ shows up and I try to be cheeky by leaving a naked Explode-A-Palooza. It gives me credits to pull through and win.

Round 3 vs Josh01 on Whizzard: SanSan City Grid, event Econ and Wraparounds keeps R&D and remote safe. I see all my Fast Tracks, Jackson one back and so I play 3 Fast Tracks which is enough to win.

Round 4 vs Ellen on Kate: Last round, needed a sweep to get in and it's against my own Fiancée. Sad face. Clot isn't live for two scores, I take a risk and she doesn't use it on one score. Final score is with a CVS for the win.

Top 4: I only Corp once in top 4 and it is the grand finals vs. Josh01 on Cutlery Whizzard. SanSan and Wraparound give me an early Astro. Josh also scores an Astro off of R&D. Josh trashes the SanSan but I score a 15 Minutes with Team Sponsorship to get it back. I shortly draw an Astro and score it with the counter to get to 5. Josh had scored a Beale, drops a Turn Table and then scores an Exploda to swap for my Astro. After a few turns he runs R&D, Special Offer fires and he misses and missed in HQ. I Fast Track something, double Biotic and score to win it all.

Thanks of course to Spags and Calimsha for working with me to refine the deck. Major thanks to my meta for the consistent high level play. Eric, Josh01, Stoppableforce(Phil), Sean and the others, too many to name, always push me to be better and are the reason I enjoy this game. Thanks as well to Ellen for being a constant play testing partner and for helping me learn how to be Kate with this deck.

Runner Side:

14 Feb 2016 spags

Nice job!

3 Wrap are paramount.

15 Feb 2016 Calimsha

Great job ! People need to respect Bullshit NEH more !

15 Feb 2016 Tondo

How have you been finding Team Sponsorship against the Whizzard match up? I've been playing Calimsha's Bullshit NEH with -1 resistor +1 wrap for a bit and I've just been finding that TS gets trashed for 1 credit and a click against Whizzard.

15 Feb 2016 kollapse

Nice 1x Data Raven, how does it stack up to Turnpike in your experience?

15 Feb 2016 moistloaf

i really want to learn how to play this deck

15 Feb 2016 Calimsha

If ApocMaxx or any kind of Siphon.dec are more popular in your metagame, then 2 Resistor / 2 Wrap / 1 Turnpike is better than 3 Wrap / 1 Resistor / 1 Raven, by the virtue of Resistor costing 0 to rez and increase str with tag and Turnpike always costing 1 on encounter.

If Wyldcake Whizzard/Noise are the most popular runner decks around, then Raven / 3 Wrap / 1 Resistor is definitely better.

Both are pretty meh vs Kate and Crim though.

15 Feb 2016 FoilFlaws

@Tondo: Whizzard trashing Team Sponsorship for 1 click and 1 credit is a fine situation. Because all you did was install it and draw a card. It cost you nothing and it cost them valuable time. Usually early game they only have 3 clicks and are struggling to get credits to keep up with everything on your board that must be trashed. .

15 Feb 2016 spags

Exactly. V. Whizz, it's a click war. Burn them up.

15 Feb 2016 AfroCelt

Jake's been kicking me around with a different version of this up in Appleton