Swift Shadow-Lock - Post MWL

Kelfecil 1780

This deck has won 4 tournaments in a row. GNK, GNK, yearly Invitationals, GNK. It also made top 4 in a Store Champs (without a top cut unfortunately).

The deck is pretty much an iteration of the previous Swift Shadow-Lock builds I piloted so successfully in other tournaments.

I am basically waiting to play the "High Stakes Job" now and the "Exclusive Party". Especially the second one, I've already playtested it and it makes the deck go so much faster.

Also, the inclusion of x3 Plascrete making me go to 42 cards is super important since there are so many annoying yellow-burn decks still rolling around in tournaments. I was super salty about those and I needed a solution.

In some cases, I drop the Drive-By's or one of the Emergency Shutdown's for the extra Plascrete Carapaces so that I can keep myself at 40 cards. (I usually run x2 of those without the Plascretes)

20 Feb 2016 Lorgar

Did you try out Box-E as and alternative after the MWL? It seems to fit perfectly to a stealth deck, offering you to play three Cloaks.

21 Feb 2016 Explosive VI

What cards do you drop for High Stakes Job and Exclusive Party?

21 Feb 2016 Kelfecil

@Lorgar , Desperado is apparently way too vital to go without. I tried other builds with other MU-expanding hardware, even Q-Coherence Chip (since it costs 0, in case it gives me speed), but in all cases, Desperado seemed very important to replace.

@Explosive VI , for Exclusive Party, I removed, x2 Symmetrical Visage, x1 Security Testing, x1 Drive By, x1 Plascrete Carapace and x1 Inside Job I counted how much money/draw I get out of the card and it's actually way better than Visage. Both on the amount and the speed that I get those things.

21 Feb 2016 Exo

I really see your deck having a weaknesses against Power Shutdown. Is your meta not into this and what would you change to get protection against it?

21 Feb 2016 Kelfecil

@Exo, you are very mistaken. Do you not see the x2 Cloak and x2 Silencer? I have played against many Power Shutdown decks, never had a problem until super-late game.

21 Feb 2016 Exo

I thought they would be key components for your deck as 2/3 of your breakers are Stealth.

How do you manage to beat them if they trash your strealth credit income cards?

I play a criminal deck right now and I find it pretty hard to play against. I was thinking to put Datasucker to help.

22 Feb 2016 gumed85

Hi there @Kelfecil, good to see you are still working on the deck. Talking about Exclusive Party, is it really worth it? I heard that only after the second or third one it starts to shine. I was very excited about it until I was informed that the first copy won't give any credits =(

23 Feb 2016 MTUCache

I absolutely love Sil, and have been attempting to find ways to make her work for longer than I care to admit. The thin deck size and expose ability are tempting, and I like the idea of building a deck that can leverage those, even if it means not having answers to every situation.

That being said... I'm not sure I quite 'get' this deck yet. Yes, I get that stealth allows you to break in efficiently and save your credits for trashing stuff. I get that the smaller deck size allows you to run thin on stuff that other runners have to run 3 of. I'm fine with going Tag-Me and depending on the Plascretes (although tag punishment seems to be expanding well beyond Scorch nowadays).

I guess I'm just seeing a few glaring weaknesses that I'm not sure I could pilot this deck around. Having no recursion and 1x breakers is something I'm not sure I'd even bother trying. You lose a lot of early game pressure if you're hesitant to run until you've got your stealth rig complete.

Likewise, if you do run 6x Party and 3x Fisk, that seems like an awfully short game plan. It looks like you're digging for something, but I'm not sure what that something is (other than your stealth rig). Once you find whatever it is that you're digging for, do you stop drawing entirely?

Is there a late-game strategy here? Or are you counting on getting a stealth rig up and running quickly enough to win early? Is there enough R&D pressure with those RDIs to stop a FA deck from just scoring out of hand? How have you found this against net/brain damage decks?

Not criticizing at all, since it looks like you've had success with her. I'm genuinely curious as to how this pilots and what I've been doing wrong with Sil for all this time.

3 Mar 2016 Kosta

Hi! How do you assemble your rig? Just through drawing most of the 40 cards?

10 Mar 2016 Unlinked

@Kosta I haven't played, but it looks to me that 3x Special Order is plenty for 3 breakers (since any 3 out of 6 cards gets you the set). Between Ghost Runner, Silencer and Cloak there are 6 cards to power the 2 stealth breakers.

10 Mar 2016 Kelfecil

@Kosta Pretty much what Unlinked said. Heavy draw and tactical decisions of when to run and when to lay back are really important for piloting this deck to success. If you just go full one way or make mistakes as to when you need to be pressuring, you will lose a LOT of games. Many people have tried to play this and said it doesn't work, but that's because the playstyle is very different from your staple criminal style. It needs a bit more of an offensive strategy than normal and also passive even in critical moments. The deck is still working amazingly well for me even in premier events, so that's all I can say to the nay-sayers :)

12 Mar 2016 DJP

@Kelfecil this deck looks nice. I am used to playing anarch so aggression is not an issue. I hope I have success with it

22 Mar 2016 ElderMason

"Also, the inclusion of x3 Plascrete making me go to 42 cards is super important..."

But your list is 40 cards?

22 Mar 2016 Kelfecil

@ElderMason I usually keep things like drive-by and stuff, so it goes up to 41 or 42. Sorry for the confusion.

@DJP Best of luck! :D I know already 4 people in 4 other countries that are trying this deck, half of them had success, the other half utter failure. There's a lot of specific piloting that goes with the deck.

-- I will publish an article that will explain my deck building choices and thinking for Nisei Division tonight, so hopefully I will do one for Silhouette as well soon!