Apocolypse MaxX - 1st Place Lawrence, KS SC

ElderMason 1236

Won a 17 player SC in Lawrence, KS going 2-2 (6-2 overall) in Swiss and 3-0 (4-1 overall) in top cut with this deck. Apocolypsed only a couple of times but Keyhole and DDoS were the real MVPs. Our meta is full of spikes who are all playing NEH (2/4 in cut) so it's teched out with 2x Hacktivist Meeting and 2x Scrubber and the Apocalypse if they have way too many assets and upgrades like Temple of Eternity.

24 Feb 2016 Myriad

Two questions.

1.) Why Femme over Yog? Doesn't this lock you out of centrals if someone plays Turing?

2.) x1 D4v1D seems kind of bad in the current meta. Did this hurt?

3.) Did the scrubbers actually do anything? I play MaxX hardcore tag me, so I know these would be the first cards on the block for me. Wouldn't Imp be slightly better?

Grats on the win. I hope to be repping MaxX at my SC, so any feedback you have is appreciated!