YellowJacket - Spark Mutate

N146 22

So after Sanjay did so well with the NBN Mutate dare I figured that I should have a taste of my own medicine and try to accomplish my own challenge. Keep in mind that this is a rough untested draft, but ill explain my thoughts on it anyways.

SPARK AGENCY I figured that Spark would work well with NBN Mutate because it already wants pop-up window, but it also takes away the sting of Pop up>Mutate>Pop up. Mutate also works well with the NBN style of "glacier" Not having the extra two influence of NEH hurts a little bit though.

AGENDAS This is probably where i'm worst as designing my decks. Especially when im not working in Jinteki (my main faction) so there's probably a lot of room for improvement.

-Explode-a-palooza Included to keep the agenda count lower but also as a small bonus econ. I also have a little bit more control over when this gets stolen thanks heritage committee, not that I'll ever do that though.

-Hades Fragment. This is partially included because I didn't have influence for GFI, but more importantly because its a way to get mutate/Heritage committee/ice back into the deck. And they wont be stuck at the bottom because I can force a shuffle with either Jackson or 15 Minutes.

-15 Minutes. It's a great agenda to begin with, but also I can force a shuffle if I need to.

ASSETS Pretty standard for a spark deck I think. I was going to put in DBS but I figured it would be too clunky to use, especially since this deck relies on forcing shuffles.

OPERATIONS Most of the credit here goes to Sanjay, I added in an extra interns though.

  • Ad Blitz gets your best mutate targets out of the bin while also sniping a credit from the runner.

  • Interns This is in here mainly to get back non-advertisement ice.

ICE The key to a mutate deck is to avoid midrange ice like the plague in order to maximize your money saved by a mutate, especially blind mutates. So there are a lot of expensive big ice here, but you can cheat them out pretty easily once you get the hang of it (or at least that was the case with the last mutate deck I played.)

-Pop-Up Window A must have in any mutate deck. It has the added benefit in spark of being an advertisement.

-Archangel This was something in Sanjay's deck that I really liked. I added an extra copy. One downside though is it's the only midrange ice in the deck and that can lead to some pretty disappointing blind-mutates. However the upsides are good enough to justify it, especially with heritage committee and the synergies that program destruction has with mutate.

-Special Offer This is a risky mutate target because it can be trashed without parasite. But it's another advertisement so that's good.