Great Wall of Static (2nd Place Victory Point Cafe SC)

aleph_c 624

I've been playing variations on this deck for the better part of a year, with reasonable success. The philosophy is pretty simple: NEH installs a wall of assets and Turtlebacks makes you a lot of money for it. Midseason Replacements lets you use that money to have a little more control over the tempo than a straight fast advance build. (And if it scares somebody into installing Plascrete, so much the better.)

After the MWL, the worst match up was Whizzard, who has become pretty popular recently. So I went with the most blunt answer available and fried his brain. (Notable bonus victims: Noise and Leela.)

Could I find a better use of the influence? ¯\(ツ)/¯ Probably.

29 Feb 2016 phette23

Whizzard couldn't keep up with this deck in the first place, & now that you've added Cerebral Static it is truly a pain to play against. Congrats on the well-deserved second place & great work on this list, it's a monster.