Dept. of Poverty Control - 2nd at Rainy Day Games PDX SC

Saan 2833

Ran this alongside Hyperdriver Kate, and it did alright for a deck I threw together the night before the tournament. Has kinda a badish Whizz matchup, but won 2/3 Whizz games regardless.

Basically, the idea is to get the runner in the poorhouse and keep them there. This is kinda what Gagarin wants to do anyhow, so I thought I'd see what happens when you go all-in on the concept. Dedication is there almost exclusively for the Reversed Accounts, and it works pretty well. If you can land one, a rezzed Student Loans makes getting money back incredibly annoying, since paying 7 for a Sure Gamble is really bad, but paying 4 to go trash Loans when you're poor is bad as well.

This might just be a better deck if it goes the 54 card route with Museum and all that nonsense, but it's not like I actually did any testing with this stupid thing to figure it out =P I'll try and actually refine it in the coming weeks; I think there's a very good deck here once the next datapack comes out.