Geist - 3rd place at Blackstone Owl SC, Baldwin Park, CA

raphaeln 502

3rd place in the Blackstone Owl Store Champs (Baldwin Park, CA) on March 12th with 20 players.

Went 3-1 in swiss. Wins against Sol, PE and Haarp. Loss against Titan.

Went 1-2 in double-elimination. Win against Titan. Losses against Foodcoats and IG.

13 Mar 2016 pang4

Gotta say, I love the Autoscripter and Savoir-Faire synergy. This deck just seems like a beautiful engine. How long is setup time usually?

14 Mar 2016 kollapse

I notice you didn't go for the 1x Scrubber the original had. Would that have made the difference in your games against Foodcoats and IG?

14 Mar 2016 raphaeln

@pang4: The synergy is really nice, but all props should go to CodeMarvelous and x3r0h0ur. And I still haven't managed to get a 5-click turn. It takes some time to setup for me, maybe 5 or 6 turns, but that's probably because I still have too much of a Shaper mindset. I believe it can be faster than that, especially because you don't need actual money to start running with the cloud breakers.

@kollapse: I swapped the Scrubber for Scheherazade and when you can find her early in the game it helps to setup much faster. The interesting thing I noticed against Foodcoats is that by the time you finish your run in their remote, you have enough money to trash their campaigns and upgrades (assuming you have Tech Traders out), so it wouldn't have made much difference on that game. But it probably could have helped against IG (and other asset spam decks) I think.