SOB - same old bullshit (1st, Grajfer SC, 4-2)

apo 317

Basically Spags' deck with some Enigma tech (which is a great piece of ice without Yog around).

4-1 in swiss. Wins against Hayley (with SacCon + Clot, fortunately the runner's draw was terrible), Whizzard (my opponent installed plas after seeing Palooza - that didn't help him one bit), Whizzard (I didn't have any business winning that game, but somehow I was allowed to Biotic+SFSS when exactly on 5 creds), Whizzard (early in the game click 4 run vs Turnpike cost the runner his almost full Liberated). Dropped a game vs Whizzard who surprised me with Legwork! Nice one.

0-1 in double elimination. Lost the first game in grand finals vs Whizzard.

Overall I'm not happy with the deck at all. Whenever I was winning, it was either terrible draw or mistakes on the runner side. Whenever I was losing, I felt I had very slim chances to win. All that said, I still think it is the optimal fastro build right now. Bad times for the corp I guess.

Runner deck: YAWN