Movie Mania Sc 2nd place

TomRobbinson 7

Jackson hummed behind his desk. He leaned back in his chair pondering imaginary figures on the ceiling.

"So you need me to find funding?" he said.


"For a film? That has no actors."

"Well doesn't have them yet." replied Bill.

"But it will have them?" Asked Jackson.

"That's correct." Bill felt a heat creep up his neck.

"It's...uh" Jackson paused. His eyes beamed but Bill sensed his idea getting the can.

"A little risky? I know. But I think, if we put out an honest film, with no secrets or an," he paused "an additional motive the public will respond with positive support," said Bill. "Not to mention their pocket books!" He stretched his grin and swiped some minor perspiration away from his receding hair line.

"Oh no. It's not that." Said Jackson. "I'm just, you know, spinning the old gears." He chuckled.

Bill folded his hands in his lap and took a breath. If Jackson liked the idea he would push it through cooperate, bettering his chance for promotion.

"Alright. Let's give it a go." He said. Bill stood up, shook his hand, and left the room feeling success. Jackson brought up the call screen display from his desk.

"Call Vicky." He smiled as the screen chimed and the word "requesting..." faded in and out. The screen popped bright and the ebony goddess on camera, folded her legs.

"Jackson." She said.

"Vicky. I have a new idea for a film. I'm wondering if you might call a few producers for me?"

"How many producers?" She asked.

"All of them."