OCA Geist (1st @ Level up Games SC, 25 players)

Fictional 1522

This deck went 5-1 at the Level up Games SC losing only to an RP glacier deck.

Just like many others I built Geist immediately when tech trader came out, and like most others I too used off campus apartment to fuel my draws. The strategy is real simple; build your rig, get paid and draw when you make runs, and lay down the siphon spam with crescentus. Mulligan for off campus or peddler and you can usually get a decent start.

The problem with the deck is that fast advance is troublesome. Luckily I only played one NBN deck the entire day and barely beat it. I only won by desperately running R&D for several turns racing the corp for the winning agenda.

The one card I was not happy with was Global Security Clearance. It did very little for me on the day. Even when I had it installed it was almost never useful. It will instantly change to RDI.