Skullface v1.1

Smimons 14

Al credit to CodeMarvelous and his Garbage Man deck for me trying out Geist. Its a blast to play with, and looks to only get stronger throughout this cycle (hello, Political Operative!) (side note: nice of them to do alt-arts for this card in Spring kits!)

Dyson Mem Chip gives a permanent source of link for B+E breakers, so you can afford to trash Forgers to make Account Siphon a bir safer.

Autoscripter + Schehrazade for maintaining tempo when installing breakers + Cresentus (Bonus points if you use this during a run with Savoir-faire!). All the clicks. All the money. (Dont install permanent breakers on Schehrazade!)

Crash Space fits better with Geist than Plascrete. Its cheaper, Geists draw mitigates the one fewer bit of protections, and makes money w/ Tech Trader! Along with a Forger it means you get to keep all your Siphoned money, too. Fall Guys can protect it if you stay tagged, too.

Speaking of, Fall Guy + Tech Trader is MONEY! One click for 5credits and a card? Super Gamble!

Early game is a bit weak, hence the inclusion of AS for a bit of pressure. You're gonna have to do a lot of clicking for draws in the first few turns, but once he gets rolling, its a blast!

(Just make sure they when you get down to Levy range around 10 cards, pop as many trashable cards/breakers as possible for the dollar before they go back to R+D, even if it means popping Crowbar on a Pop-Up Window!)

There are 27 trashable cards in this deck. Even without Tech traders and a Levy, its draw on par with Wyldside. Throw in Traders, its between 27 - 81 credits throughout the game. Dem some good numbers, and Levy lets you do it again!