Geisty in the Clouds with Weapons

Fruggles 64

What if I told you...

You could make a run, break ice, and access cards...

And still have more money than you started the run with!!!!

Yeah. Bonkers. Geist is here.

D&D2.0 Gives Geist so many options - but this deck is only going to use one of them in Political Operative. Focus is simply HQ pressure with siphon early, using cortez chip as early ice denial/econ to gain access to RD/HQ as needed (props to Pacer for convincing me). Once all your breakers are out and you've got the tech traders, the deck is virtually unstoppable, you just blow up ice and lock down HQ, using Medium/CBI as needed to close the game.

The NEHFA matchup is, as ever, still a matter of who draws the cards first, but political operative gives you a way to slow down the FA BS if necessary, and the cortez chip actually really hurts their ice math. Dropping the medium early is a great way to slow them down as well, especially with the threat of Legwork/CBI - the latter of which is still oft-unexpected. The more horizontal versions of the deck usually fall prey to siphon more easily, so just trash the TeamSpo's, the DBS's second (if on the medium plan), then the SanSans last if necessary. Let them have the money until you get them to 0. If it's a museum variant (???)...install medium. Siphon. Win game. SeemsGoodMan

NBN Kill

Find Dyson Mem Chip. Install it. Install Film Critic. Use Forger smartly. Trash their SanSans. Win the game. Not a hard match-up with Geist's draw power. If you suspect psychoBeale, CBI seems good there ;) Oh and watch-out for All-Seeing I. You should see it coming with medium. Don't lose to it.


An interesting one, where early Corp aggro can hurt this deck pretty badly, but again the Political Operative helps massively in hurting their economy, so barring some weird, early ABT-score+fire shenanigans which can just end you, this is a pretty straight-forward Criminal vs. ETF match-up. I find that if I can get the first siphon off and shutdown some ice, the game is pretty easy to close out. On the flip side, as mentioned, if ETF gets up early on 4 points with money, it can be a very tough game (shocker, I know). Emphasis on de-rezzing and cortez'ing code gates or key sentries is key. Try to save your clicks for installs.


Win the game. Their money is largely irrelevant to you. PolOp makes caprice irrelevant. Batty's the only real worry as a result. You're fine if they score the one Nisei early, don't let them score 2. CBI/Medium/Legwork's godly here, but beware the snare.


F***. Siphon, Medium, and win fast. RIP.


Gagarin's a joke now with PolOp, siphon, film critic, win. Blue Sun sucks, but if it's non-kill, you can afford to slow play, your lategame is superior. Kill variants, it's the same as always, forger, film critic, PolOp for any asset shenanigans. People have been playing Argus lately. You won't see these people- they'll be at lower tables. Film Critic. Siphon. ROFL (literally. It'll demoralize them.)

Think that about covers relevant match-ups. I played a Nisei Division guy on Jinteki once, so maybe that's a thing again soon? IDK, he left HQ unprotected so I Siphon'd, CBI'd, and trashed his sundew turn 1. He quit. It's probably not a thing.