Drugs Andy - 1st Place Cambridge Regionals (53 people)

tf34 1031

I have been playing and refining this list since the beginning of store champs season. You can see my previous iterations in the "derived from" sections.

I cut 3 Daily Casts from my previous list for Bank Job, Councilman, and Kati Jones. Daily Casts is not as good with Drug Dealer.

This list was a little too tailored for NEH, which I only saw one of. There was a ton of foodcoats, and if I had to do it again, I might find a slot for a second Kati Jones.

The deck went 6-1 on the day. Long live Andromeda!

10 Apr 2016 Groober

E3 is also nuts good vs HB, and also faust. Grats on the win!

10 Apr 2016 fevve

how do you cope with turing protecting a scoring server?

10 Apr 2016 tf34

@fevve You click through turing, inside job, or ems it. This deck does not remote lock, it just keeps corps honest. As long as you get through the turing 2-3 times and force corps to rez multiple remote ice, your centrals pressure is strong enough to carry you.

My original version of this list has a Cerberus Rex to deal with Turing. After testing vs etf, I found myself never wanting to install it unless it happened to make it to my hand before Passport. Two clicks and seven credits never felt worth a single remote access.

11 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Super interested in this build. But a couple of clarification questions. why only one SOT and why 2 Earthrise. @tf34

12 Apr 2016 AsteriskCGY

I feel like with 3 dealers, one or the other will show up for draw.

12 Apr 2016 tf34

@CodeMarvelous This list was tailored for NEH. Vs NEH you really need a clickless draw engine in your opening hand to keep up with their tempo. 3 drugs and 2 earthrise gives you about a 70% chance of seeing one in a 9 card hand. I would cut an Earthrise if you don't have much NEH in your meta.

I don't see a need for more than 1 SOT. There is a bunch of other stuff I would add before considering a second.

12 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@tf34 how do you adjust this for IG

12 Apr 2016 tf34

@CodeMarvelous You actually have a fairly strong IG matchup. Sec Test/Desperado gives you infinite money, and drug dealer keeps you from flatlining. It's okay to trash things at an increased trash cost when you can afford it, but when fund are low you need to check archives and eat some shocks (Not a big deal when you are drawing clicklessly every turn for the whole game). Make sure you install everything you absolutely need before potentially taking net damage.