Stop trying to make Apex work

tonedef 128

Tracers are one of Apex's worst nightmares. There's no way through swordsman, turing, or crick. Panchabread to the rescue!

Chopbot + Wasteland for draw and econ, Deja vu + LARLA for recursion, Events for Multiaccess.

Considering ditching e3, swapping q-coherence for Dyson, and losing harbinger in favor of more events.

16 Apr 2016 tiedyedvortex

Just to be clear, Endless Hunger is not an AI breaker. So while it can't break Swordsman, Swordsman cannot trash it.

Chop Bot is a trap, I've gone down that road before and I've always been disappointed. Apex needs to burn cards for Endless Hunger, Heartbeat, and Prey, and if you're Chopping your entire boardstate you aren't going to have the cards for that.

Your description says you have LARLA but your decklist doesn't have it?

You don't want q-coherence and Harbinger in the same deck--if you trash it for any reason you lose the chip with it. Dyson is suboptimal but really your only option if you want to be running Endless Hunger and Panchabread.