BigBoy Noise (Arch.Int. coz IG) - 1st Place, Game Corner SC

divadus 936

PREFACE: @TheBigBoy makes good decks. I mostly make decent decks, which gradually morph into his decks as I increasingly realize that his card choices are generally superior to mine.

Went 3-1. Won against 2 NEHs and a Personal Evolution, and lost against Industrial Genomics (oh, the sweet, sweet irony). Admittedly, I grabbed 6 points early against IG, thanks to an Archives Interface in my opener, and very nearly won, but Genetics Pavilion and a well-timed Chronos Project spelled my doom. I was loath to cut the Lamprey for the Interface, but I was lucky enough to draw one of my two Lampreys in the two games I really needed them.

18 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

Well done! Crush all the IGs :)

21 Apr 2016 asteriskreaper

but i keep crushing noise decks...