Sunny Day 2.3

gar0u 8

Getting pretty close to the final version I think.

Please let me know what you think...

27 Apr 2016 lightburied

Ditch the Satellites. Replace with Drive-bys if you want an expose effect (its 2 inf a pop, as opposed to 3 for uplink, too), but with most of them so underpowered, you're better off without. I'd also go with the nexus over forger. I played a lot of Sunny, and I'm starting to get back into her after a few aborted Geist decks. Forger is great in Geist to get him to 2 link, but with sunny at 2 already, you don't have much use for it. Forger eats influence you can spend elsewhere, like Power Tap. This card works in Sunny as a great combo with Nexus. Inside Man might be replaced with Modded, depending on influence. You probably don't need two if you keep him. Find a way to get to 3 Career Fair, and maybe throw in an Earthrise Hotel if you can. Helps speed up set-up.