Super Fun Guy

Stonewick 132

Now that tournament season is pretty much over for me. I've decided that I'm just going to screw around playing fun decks for now (i.e. things that aren't supposed to be competitive).

Nasir has always been an ID that has interested me mainly because his ability is so weird and unorthodox. Sometimes after playing through the gauntlet of streamlined hyper efficient decks, a change in tempo is appreciated. So, as a result, I tried to build a Nasir deck.

The overall gameplan of the deck is to use recurring credits to do just about everything. While playing this, the game will be broken down into 3 phases; the hosting all your junk on personal workshop phase, the facechecking phase, and the endgame.

Hosting Phase: Due to the whole losing all your credits when you encounter ICE thing, you need personal workshop to dump the money before you lose it. If you have nothing to dump your money into on personal workshop, probably not the best idea to be running just yet. This phase working in conjunction with phase two. Personal workshop is vital to this deck's ability to function. You must have it early game, would even recommend trying to mulligan for it.

Face Checking Phase: Once you've got some junk on personal workshop, face check things. You need to get your junk installed, and the best way to do it is to use your ID ability and dump all the money into it before encountering a piece of ICE and losing what you previously had saved. Once again, this is best done with personal workshop. However, this can also be done to place power counters on Study Guide. A common complaint regarding Study Guide is that it can often be slow, which is true. However, you are Nasir, in most cases, you are not going fast anyways.

End Game: By this point you're setup. You've got all your recurring credits and some drip economy from Underworld Contacts. By now, the corp should have most of their ICE rezzed, so you wont be losing your bank very often anymore, if at all. In this stage, just use your recurring credits to go find those agenda points.

Nasir is a super fun guy.