RaRa Noise (brum regional 2nd)

imrahil 1219


  1. NEH, lost
  2. EtF, won
  3. NEH, won
  4. EtF, won
  5. NEH, won
  6. RP, won


  1. NEH, won (losers final)
  2. NEH, lost (grand final)
23 May 2016 Conphas

Why Sahasrara instead of Cyberfeeder? That 4 influence seems like it would go a long way.

26 May 2016 imrahil

@Conphas Yes it would, ie a clone chip and 3rd cache. But I just find RaRa is worth it. The 2 credits mean with 1 down and wyldside you can consistently install 2 viruses a turn. As well as being able to survive without aesop for a long time. I acknowledge the advantage of the cyberfeeder+sheharazade both in influence and memory. But for some reason I have always found the RaRa more consistent. But I realise why im in the minority of Noise players on this one.

26 May 2016 Conphas

Ha. I never put the name and card together. I was curious as to the justification, but can understand the plan.